Self-proclaimed spiritual healer ‘raped two women in his Brooklyn home after chanting and knocking them unconscious


A self-proclaimed spiritual healer has been accused of luring two women to his home, knocking them out with alcohol and raping them.

On two separate occasions, Nigel Kennedy, 51, allegedly held religious ceremonies for the victims.

According to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Kennedy caused the women to lose consciousness and then had intercourse without their consent.

Kennedy used to own a religious goods store called Psychic Kaballah, and calls himself a religious and spiritual leader.

He allegedly met the victims at the store, which was located at 4714 Church Avenue in Brooklyn.

The first incident occurred on August 30, 2016, around 10pm, when a 42-year-old woman went to Kennedy’s apartment on East 52nd Street in East Flatbush for a church ceremony, according to the district attorney.

Kennedy allegedly started chanting and poured a clear liquid that tasted like alcohol into the victim’s mouth.

The victim then lost consciousness, but when she regained consciousness, she told authorities that she felt a person on top of her. However, she was unable to move.

She lost consciousness again and woke up at 5am the next day, naked on a bed.

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