Seven fractures found in baby’s skull, father charged with pummeling newborn to death because of his crying


Anthony Dearmas, charged with his son's murderA father has been charged with the murder of his seven-week-old son after an autopsy revealed seven fractures in the infant’s skull.

Anthony Dearmass from Louisiana told detectives he punched his boy, Karter Smith, off the couch because he couldn’t get the baby to stop crying.

The father had earlier fabricated his story and inconsistencies still remain over what he claims happened after the autopsy showed his son’s horrific injuries.

The coroner described is as a heinous crime and Sheriff Randy Smith said: ‘How someone can do this to a defenseless infant is beyond me.’

Talking to Nola, Smith added: ‘Even more disturbing is the fact that this was his own child.

‘Mr. Dearmas is where he belongs, behind bars.’

He and his deputies were called on Wednesday to a trailer park in Slidell on Eagle Lake Boulevard to reports of a boy not breathing.

The boy was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to revive him, only for it to later transpire that he was brain dead.

He was pronounced dead on Saturday and the autopsy revealed injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

Dearmas told officers he punched Karter off of a couch, knocking him to the ground, causing him to fall on his head after becoming frustrated with the baby’s crying.

St. Tammany Parish Coroner Charles Preston found seven fractures to the skull and internal bleeding, usually seen in cases where direct pressure has been applied to the head, such as squeezing or kneeling on it.

‘This poor child, he never really had a chance to live,’ Smith told Nola.

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