Sex offender kidnapped 14-year-old girl, tortured, raped & murdered her in abandoned building

By ASSOCIATED PRESS | Source: The DailyMail

Christopher Whitaker was convicted of murdering Alianna Defreeze last month and has been sentenced to deathA sex offender has been sentenced to death in Ohio for kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering a 14-year-old girl in a horrific attack.

Christopher Whitaker, 45, will spend the rest of his days on death row after the judge followed the jury’s recommendation for the horrific slaying of Alianna Defreeze in Januaury, 2017.

Whitaker was found guilty March 13 of aggravated murder and charges including kidnapping and rape in Alianna DeFreeze’s death.

Whitaker, who pleaded not guilty, kidnapped the teenager from a bus stop as she waited for the bus to school.

He took her to an abandoned home in Cleveland where he raped and beat her then stabbed her to death, leaving her body inside.

‘He snatched a branch off our family tree and our lives will never be the same,’ said Wytonya DeFreeze, the victim’s stepmother at Whitaker’s sentencing on Monday. ‘She had dreams and aspirations and he took all that away from her.’

‘I don’t believe he’ll have any remorse until he suffers like my daughter suffered,’ said Donnesha Cooper, Alianna’s mother. ‘He just snuffed out a really bright light in the world because of his own selfishness,’ Cooper said. ‘I appreciate the jury’s recommendation, but that’s too good for him,’ Cooper said through tears. ‘…I will not let his monstrous heart consume my life, because my daughter would want me to live my life and be happy.’

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