6-year-old boy banned from private Christian school because of dreadlocks


A six-year-old boy in Florida missed his first day of school because administrators at the private Christian school he was enrolled at said he could not attend class until he cut his dreadlocks.

Clinton Stanley Sr, the boy’s outraged father, took to Facebook this week saying that the staff at A Book’s Christian Academy in Apopka told him that his son’s hairstyle violated school policy.

Stanley captured the exchange with school officials in a Facebook Live video.


‘My son just got told that he cannot attend the school with his hair,’ Stanley says.

As the father films, six-year-old Clinton dressed in the school’s uniform and wearing a bookbag, stands outside the door.

‘If that’s not biased then I don’t know what is,’ he says. ‘Personal opinion.’

Stanley asks if he could braid his son’s dreadlocks up, but a school official tells him she doesn’t think that’s allowed because ‘it has to be above the ears’.

‘That’s crazy,’ Stanley says, telling his son not to worry. ‘He ready to go to school, but he can’t.’

Another administrator tells Stanley that she will have to un-enroll Clinton from the school.

‘I don’t want him here period. That’s his hair,’ he responds, pointing out that the female teacher’s hair is to her shoulders. ‘What’s the difference? … That’s a rule, I respect that. It’s just not right. It’s not. … That’s not very disrespectful and biased. I should have been told this months ago.’

The school officials then tell Stanley that the policy on hair is in the school handbook, but Stanley says it should specifically state that dreadlocks are not allowed.

At one point in the video, Clinton asks his father to put his hair up in a ponytail but Stanley says the school won’t allow it.

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