Stripper agreed to sell newborn for $1,700 to woman who sued when ‘deal’ fell apart


Keanaendigo James, 22, is wanted on charges of theft and dealing in infant childrenAn exotic dancer who agreed to sell her newborn daughter for $1,700 was only found out when the woman she struck a deal with took her to small-claims court for backing out, authorities said.

Keanaendigo James, 22, of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is wanted on charges of theft and dealing in infant children.

James, who said she was acting in the best interests of her daughter, signed a notarized agreement to sell he daughter in April.

But she took the money and failed to hand over the baby, who was born in July.

The other woman filed a civil lawsuit to get her money back, and James appeared at the October 25 hearing, where she agreed to return the $1,700.

District Judge Allen P. Page III began questioning the two women only to realize James had agreed to sell her baby, reported.

The judge called the district attorney’s office, and charges were filed against James.

Weber says James worked as a dancer in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and in New Jersey.

The baby is now safe with her father.

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