Teen, 19, who ‘who masterminded $25 million tax refund scheme’ is re-arrested after initial charges were dropped


Authorities in Georgia arrested a teenager suspected of scamming the state government out of tens of millions of dollars days after he was released from a different jail.

Charles Turner, 19, was first arrested last month after he was accused of creating an elaborate scam to defraud people and the state out of more than $25million through the tax system.

Turner was arrested on December 6 at his South Fulton home, where he had set up shop to operate the scheme, the Georgia Department of Revenue said.

He was wanted by Henry County on a fraud allegation, which led to his arrest, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A few weeks ago, Henry County dropped the charge, and Turner was released from custody.

But state investigators in neighboring DeKalb County re-arrested Turner and filed new charges.

Turner allegedly created a business that was supposed to sell Amazon products for a fee, used it to steal bank information, and used that bank information to overpay on tax prepayments to the state of Georgia.

Then, he would request refunds from the overpayments for the gaming and electronics business to his personal bank account.

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