Teen arrested for trying to set house on fire after fight with mother

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A teenager has been charged with arson after he allegedly tried to burn down his mother’s house after an argument with her.

Jonathan Jordan is accused of attempting to set his own home on fire in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday evening.

Authorities claim the 18-year-old took a lighter and ignited a decorative window covering on his home following a fight with his mother.

The teenager is also accused of threatening the lives of his mother and two younger siblings who were also in the house at the time of the incident.

Jonathan Jordan, 18, was charged with attempted first-degree arson in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday   He allegedly tried to set his own house on fire after an argument with his mom

Police were called to Jordan’s home around 8pm, reported the Montgomery Advertiser.

Court documents state that Jordan was having an argument with his mother when he pulled out a lighter and ignited a window covering.

The fabric caught fire and began spreading upwards, causing the mother to put out the dangerous flames.

She allegedly told Jordan to leave the house and claims that Jordan threatened her and his two younger siblings who were also inside the house.

Although no one was reported injured, the house and furnishing had around $75 worth of damage done.

The teenager was charged with attempted arson in the first-degree and disorderly conduct.

Jordan is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Facility on a $30,300 bond.

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