Teenage son charged with killing his retired NFL player dad and mom blames prostitution ring


A teenager charged with murdering his retired NFL player father and mother by shooting them dead in 2016 has blamed a prostitution ring for their deaths.

Antonio Armstrong Jr., 18, was 16 when he was arrested for killing his father, Antonio Armstrong, and mother, Dawn, in their home in Bellaire, Texas, in July 2016.

He told police at the time and maintains that their deaths were carried out by an intruder.

Police arrested him after finding no signs of a break-in at the family’s home. They claim he was driven by revenge after being punished by his parents for smoking drugs and being taken out of private school.

It is not clear what the extent of his parents’ alleged involvement in the ring was – whether they were patronizing the prostitutes or if they were involved in running the ring itself.

Antonio Armstrong Jr.   Antonio Armstrong and his wife Dawn were killed in 2016

Now, the teenager’s lawyers are trying to push through the testimony of family friend Maxine Adams who claims Antonio Sr. was involved in a prostitution ring and that his link to it is what caused his death.

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