Black valedictorian forbidden from speaking at graduation ceremony takes speech to city hall


A teenager who was banned from speaking at his graduation ceremony without explanation despite being his school’s first black valedictorian has taken his speech to city hall and given a blistering attack on the principal who silenced him.

Jaisaan Lovett graduated from University Prep Charter School in Rochester, New York, last month and has been given a full scholarship to Clark Atlanta University in Georgia to study video game design.

He wanted to speak at his graduation ceremony but Joseph Munno, the principal who he has been at odds with for years, would not let him.

Lovette claims he was not told why he would not be allowed to speak, just that he couldn’t.

Determined to commemorate the occasion with a few remarks, he took his planned speech to city hall, where he works as an intern, instead.

There, the town’s mayor Lovely Warren allowed him to dress up in a cap and gown and deliver his speech on camera.

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