The Thomas English Report: Another like the other

Thomas English Report

Here are a few of so many black males that have become “another like the other” through the four-phase procedure within the justice system:

  • Arthur McDuffie 1980, Rodney King 1991
  • Tyron Lewis 1996
  • Trayvon Martin 2013
  • Michael Brown 2014
  • Eric Garner 2014
  • Tamir Rice 2014 (a 12 year old boy) 

The normal four phase procedure through the justice system when black people suffer from injustice:

  • Phase 1. The unjust
  • Phase 2. The cry out for justice
  • Phase 3.  A thorough investigation
  • Phase 4. Found not guilty

Now you know how it go!

To be continued.

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