Three bodies found at Springfield house of horrors are local women reported missing months ago


The three women who were found dead at alleged serial killer Stewart Weldon’s home in Massachusetts last week have been identified as local missing women.

America Lyden, Ernestine Ryans and Kayla Escalante were named by Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni as the three victims found last Wednesday at Weldon’s Springfield, Massachusetts, home.

Lyden, 33, was reported missing in December last year but had not been heard from by her family since last June.  It is not clear how long Ryans, 47, had been missing. Escalante was the youngest victim at 26. She had been missing since December.


Authorities have not yet revealed how or when they died but they say it is ‘unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Their bodies were found after Weldon’s mother called police to report a foul odor at the home on Wednesday, May 30.

He was not at the home at the time, having been arrested several days earlier after trying to flee police when he was pulled over for a broken taillight.  He took police on a high speed chase which ended with him crashing into a cruiser.

A 25-year-old woman who was in the passenger seat the time later told police they had saved her life and that he was keeping her as a sex slave.  She was taken to hospital with ‘grotesque’ injuries including stab wounds to the abdomen. She had also been hit with a hammer.

At the home where the bodies were found, police also found a child alive. It is not clear what Weldon’s relationship the child is.

After being pulled over for the taillight, Weldon was initially charged with one count of kidnapping, one count of sexual assault and other traffic related offense.

On Monday, he was charged with a second count of kidnapping. It remains unclear if those charges apply to the woman and the child previously found or if a fifth adult victim may be involved.

Weldon has a long history of violent crimes stretching back more than a decade.

In September 2006, he was jailed in Maywood County for a year for attempted theft and burglary.

He was out of jail for just over a month before he was jailed again in October for a burglary and probation violation in 2008.

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