Toddler died, identical twin sister in critical condition after they climbed out of window & fell into pool


A 17-month-old girl has died nearly two weeks after she and her identical twin sister sneaked out of their home and wound up in the backyard pool.

Maya and Makayla were playing in the living room of their Moreno Valley, California home the afternoon of April 29 when their parents, Jeremiah Edwards and Erika Alvarado, nodded off to sleep.

While their parents were napping, the twins pushed a window screen down and escaped the home, wandering into the backyard.

A 17-month-old girl is dead and her twin sister in critical conditions after they sneaked out of their home and wound up in the backyard pool 

When the couple woke up 15 minutes later, they found the girls gone, even though all the doors in the house were locked.

Eventually, Alvardo went to the backyard to look for the girls and found Maya unconscious in the pool. She told KTLA that she immediately ‘jumped in’ and ‘grabbed her’ daughter, while her husband found Makayla in the shallow end of the pool.

The two began CPR on the girls, even though neither had a pulse.

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