Video shows 25-year-old black man sprinting away from a white cop as he was gunned down and killed in Tennessee


A white police officer has been caught on film fatally shooting a black man as he ran away from him in Tennessee.

Daniel Hambrick, 25, was shot three times and killed by officer Andrew Delke, also 25, after he fled a traffic stop in Nashville on July 26.

The footage, taken from school CCTV cameras at a school, was released by the Tennessee Department of Investigations as part of their probe into the killing.

Delke (bottom right) said Hambrick fled a traffic stop with a gun in his hand on July 26, prompting him to give chase before opening fire

The video shows Hambrick around 40 yards away from Delke and running in the opposite direction when he opens fire.

In total Delke fired four shots, three of which struck Hambrick causing him to fall to the floor.

As Hambrick lays bleeding to death, Delke can be seen walking away with his gun drawn before approaching the wounded man when another officer arrives.

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