Woman reveals how a bad weave caused her head to BLEED and scab forcing her to cut off her hair


A woman has shared how she shaved her head bald after receiving a damaging weave that caused her scalp to bleed and scab before clumps of her hair fell out.

In a candid YouTube video that has since gone viral, Sierra Baynes, 20, from Georgia, reveals the scars on the back of her head while warning people to only allow professional hair stylists to do their hair.

Last resort: YouTuber Sierra Baynes reveals in a candid video how a bad weave caused her scalp to bleed and scab. Her hair was so damaged, she opted to shave her head bald 

Sierra admits that she foolishly let a woman who didn’t really know what she was doing give her a sew-in weave, and she claims the person braided her hair so tightly that she ended up with severe scalp damage.

Full article at The DailyMail

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