Young Zoologist shares astonishing wildlife knowledge in YouTube videos, racking over 21k followers in one day


Many little kids love plants and animals – but can they name the proteins found in a fungus? One young man has taken his love for the natural world to the next level and reveals his wealth of knowledge in a video that already has fans begging for him to host a National Geographic Channel show.

Aiden of Miramar, Florida caught the Internet’s attention after his older sister, Britney Cooke, posted a video of the young expert to her Twitter account on Monday.

‘My brother is an animal genius and wanted me to share it with you guys,’ Britney wrote alongside the video. ‘He titles this: Trees danger and other animals.’

The face of genius! A young plant and animal expert named Aiden is taking the internet by storm after his older sister shared a video of him showing off his knowledge

A natural: In the clip, Aiden touches on a wealth of topics including ants, monkeys, lichens, trees, and more

In the accompanying clip, Aiden can be seen exploring the different features of a tree. He begins by discussing the different types of ants found on the tree, and then switches to an investigation into the rise of the Asian long-horned beetle population.

After educating viewers on the relationship between trees, lichens, and snub-nosed monkeys, Aiden moves on to discussing how to find a tree’s age.

After counting the rings on a cut-off branch, Aiden determines the tree is 19 years old, which ‘in tree years,’ is 90 years old. ‘So this [tree] is technically older than my sister,’ Aiden says with a smile.

His energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge are all palpable throughout the two-minute clip. In just 120 seconds, Aiden touches on a wealth of topics and appears to be extremely well-read in many zoological areas.

Needless to say, the Internet was immediately taken with Aiden’s extreme intelligence and quickly flooded the video with positive comments like, ‘Your brother is amazing! Bless him!’

Know-it-all: Aiden is cool, calm, and confident in his video, proving that he really does know what he's talking about - and more

A bright future: Many of Aiden's fans expressed hope that the young zoologist will someday get his own television show - until then, his YouTube channel will have to do

Many were amazed by Aiden’s natural ability to talk about such complicated topics in such a natural manner. ‘Your brother is fantastic,’ praised one woman. ‘Can you please thank him for teaching me some great stuff? Such a natural educator!’ she added.

Many are already wondering when Aiden will have his own show. ‘Y’all better give this kid his own nature TV show right now!’ was a sentiment repeated many times over.

While not a Discovery Channel series, older sister Britney created a YouTube channel for the clip as well as Aiden’s future projects. Despite being created on Monday, the channel already has 21,000 subscribers, all eagerly awaiting what Aiden will teach them next.

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