10 Foods You Don’t Realize Are Packed With Sugar

10 Foods You Don't Realize Are Packed With Sugar

BY  PATRICIA BANNAN, MS, RD | Source: Livestrong

Humans are genetically hard-wired to crave sugar, but too much of it can cause havoc on our bodies. Some nutritious foods such as fruit and milk contain naturally occurring sugars, but added sugars are sugars and syrups put in foods during preparation or processing or added at the table. “Added sugars are a concern because they supply lots of empty calories, but zero nutrition,” says Karen Ansel, M.S., RDN, author of “Healing Superfoods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer.”

The American Heart Association’s daily daily recommendation for added sugarsis no more than six teaspoons of added sugars (or 25 grams) for women and nine teaspoons (or 36 grams) for men. While it’s obvious that cookies, ice cream and doughnuts are sweet because of added sugars, there are other foods — such as savory sauces, popular condiments and whole-grain products — that might surprise you in terms of how much sugar they contain. Read on to learn about 10 unexpected foods that can be loaded with sugar.

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