10 takeaways from this week’s NFL offseason action

By Vincent Frank

The calm before the storm wasn’t actually calm at all. As the NFL prepares for what is going to be a hectic start to free agency next week, teams are attempting to set themselves up for the new league year. This means that a whole host of veterans were shown the door over the past few days. It also means that there will be a ton of action between now and March 10.

Let’s check in on 10 things that happened around the NFL over the past week and what it means for the remainder of the offseason.

1. The Death of the Veteran Running Back

Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, DeAngelo Williams and Chris Johnson have combined for over 43,000 total yards (24.4 miles) in their careers. All four have also been released since the end of the 2014 season. With the influx of young talent at running back around the NFL and a league-wide devaluation of this position, veterans simply aren’t priorities for teams.

These four running backs add to a free agent class that already includes DeMarco Murray, Frank Gore, C.J. Spiller, Mark Ingram, Ryan Mathews, Justin Forsett and Shane Vereen. This is an indication that some veterans are simply going to be leftovers waiting for teams to call while other positions of need are filled around the league. It could also lead to some of these running backs seeing their careers coming to an end.

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