11-month-old baby girl crushed under dead father making amazing recovery

An 11-month-old girl in Louisiana is recovering after being trapped underneath her father’s corpse for three days.

Betty Jean Fields was discovered Friday dehydrated, bruised and blistered after days spent with her face compressed against the wall as her father decomposed on top of her.

Family members say Betty Jean is miraculously back to her old self, aside from some residual swelling, despite the horrific ordeal.

Her father, 43-year-old Jason Fields, had previously suffered congestive heart failure and stroke. Investigators used his body’s state of decomposition to estimate the length of Betty Jean’s nightmarish experience.

Sabine Parish Deputy Coroner Ron Rivers said he found Jason Fields, 43, dead on a bed alongside a laptop computer at the home in the small town of Pleasant Hill, south of Shreveport.

He appeared to be sitting on the side of his bed when he fell backward and died.

‘The fact that he fell on her and made no attempt to get up tells me he died instantly when he fell on top of her,’ Rivers told the Shreveport Times.

The girl’s aunt, Jason’s sister Kristy Fields, echoed the family’s shock.

‘It’s one of those unsuspecting things,’ she told KHOU. But, she said, at least Betty Jean is ‘back to her normal self.’

According to Rivers, Betty Jean is lucky to be alive.

‘[She] was able to breathe, expand [her] chest up and down,’ Rivers said. ‘We’re very blessed that the baby didn’t succumb.’

Betty had a seizure when she first arrived at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, but she was soon happily playing with stuffed animals, KSLA reported.

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