11 Serious Side Effects Of Avocados


Avocado is a pear shaped green fleshed fruit and is known for its health benefits all over the world. The fruit contains many, essential nutrients which are used to treat various skin conditions and health problems. It contains 25 natural vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in fibers, proteins and beneficial phytochemicals. Avocado is used in lowering the cholesterol levels and increase the menstrual flow. They are even used to provide relief from diarrhea and dysentery.

This wondrous fruit is a native to Guam, Mexico and Central America. The scientific name of avocado is Persea Americana, but it is most commonly known as alligator pear in English, aguacate palta in Spanish and butter fruit in India. Its other variants are found in Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and West India.

An avocado has huge commercial importance in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Spain, China, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Palestine, Australia, Hawai and New Zealand. In India we can find butter fruit in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Sikkim. It is highly valued for its oil.

Avocado known for its natural ingredients is used as a complete diet for young ones. It has many health benefits but can prove to be harmful when consumed in excess quantity. Hence, avocado has its share of side effects too.

Given below are the top 11 side effects of consuming butter fruit:

1. Avoid During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding:

It is not advisable to eat avocado during pregnancy and breast feeding. It may reduce milk production. It can also cause damage to the mammary gland. If the breast feeding mother consumes avocado in large amount, the baby will have an upset stomach.

2. No Avocado In Hypersensitivity:

People suffering from hypersensitivity should avoid eating avocado. It may cause skin reaction or vomiting.

3. Avocado Causes Allergy:

Avocado effects on skin are adverse leading to terrible skin issues with allergies being the major effect. Symptoms of allergy are hives, itching, redness in skin or eczema.

4. Adverse Effects Of Avocado:

Many people who consumed avocado suffered from adverse effects like flu, paralysis, nausea, gastrointestinal disorder, vomiting, migraine, fever, drowsiness, and asthma.

5. Liver Damage:

There are certain types of avocado oil which may cause damage to your liver. Try to avoid Mexican avocado which consists of estragole and anethole. These elements have been tested for carcinogenic reactions. Thus, consumption of these may cause damage to the liver. If you are suffering from compromised liver function and to avoid avocado oil side effects, stop eating this fruit.

6. Sensitivity To Latex:

People who are sensitive to latex should avoid taking avocado as it increases the level of serum IgE antibodies in the body which may cause allergic reaction.

7. Reduce Cholesterol:

You may be happy reading that avocado reduces cholesterol level. Yes, that’s true, but if you consume it in large amount, it will harm your body as it is rich in beta – sitosterol that absorbs necessary cholesterol from the body.

8. Restrict Its Consumption If You Are On Diet:

Avocado is a high calorie food and it will increase your weight. So avoid eating them daily if you are on a diet.

9. Cause Mouth Allergy:

If avocado is consumed in adequate amounts then it may cause mouth allergy like itching sensation in the mouth and swelling tongue.

10. Drugs:

Avocado in large amounts may decrease the effect of anti inflammatory medication. Hence, its excess consumption leads to blood thinning.

11. Gastrointestinal Irritation:

If you consume avocado in large amount, then you will have an upset stomach. It sometimes also causes gastrointestinal irritation.

These are the avocado side effects which you were not aware of. Isn’t it? More research is going on about its side effects. Till then eat avocado in moderate amounts to stay away from the allergies.

Source: Care About Life Online

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