Outraged Maryland school students share photos of moldy, under-cooked school meals

Outraged students have taken to social media to complain about moldy and under-cooked food shared alongside pictures of stomach-churning meals allegedly served by a Maryland school district.

Students at Prince George’s County Public Schools posted images of half-pink meat patties, sandwiches that had buns containing mold, expired drinks and hollowed out chicken nuggets on Twitter.

But the students said the horrid images of the food items are nothing new to their lunch trays, according to FOX 5.

‘Criminals are getting better food than we are,’ Tamera Perry, a senior student at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, told FOX 5.

‘You’re giving us something that’s not healthy, that can possible cause us to die and it’s just unacceptable.’

On Friday, she had shared a picture of a cheesy bread texture surrounding a mashed up, paste-like filling colored pink inside – it was supposed to be ‘Rojo Fiesta Pizza’.

Another student on Twitter wrote sharing her frustrations over the state of the food.

‘Think about the Elementary school kids who ate this pizza without a thought because they assume the food given to them is safe,’ the student wrote.

‘While very few high schoolers know to always check school food before you eat it so many kids have gotten sick and it’s gone unspoken, but this is NOT OKAY.’

She also wrote: ‘I understand that they changed the lunches to attempt to make them “healthy” but this worse than we feed our convicts. It should be illegal to feed this to children.’

A school spokesperson wrote in a statement to FOX 5 saying PGCPS cannot confirm the origin of the photo circulating on social media and encouraged anyone with concerns regarding lunches to contact the district’s Food and Nutrition Services.

‘Providing healthy and nutritious meals for all students is a contributing factor to high academic achievement and the district prides itself on doing so for over 129,000 students each day,’ the statement said.

On Twitter, images of expired orange juice and other disgusting items surfaced, showing what is apparently the reality of the lunches being served to students.

Perry recalled times where students had to have their fruit cups collected because they were expired along with incidents where she was given expired milk and apple juice.

She also said that the school district raised the price of lunches to three dollars.

According to the district’s website, the monthly 2015-2016 cost for full-price lunch for elementary students is $55, weekly it is $13.75 and daily it is $2.75.

For high school students the monthly cost for a full-price lunch is $60, weekly it is $15 and daily it is $3.

‘They raised our lunches to $3,’ said Perry. ‘We’re paying $3 for something that’s not edible, not organic and it’s not healthy.

‘It seems like that’s healthier than getting a school lunch.

‘For some of the population of students, that’s their only lunch, so you’re putting them in a sticky situation where they can either continue to starve or they eat it because that’s the only thing they have to eat.’

Source: The DailyMail

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