14-year-old stabs 16-year-old brother to death while mother fought to break them up

A 14-year-old boy stabbed his brother to death as the two got ready for school Wednesday morning.

The boys lived in Chicago, Illinois, and had been fighting that morning, with the victim being identified as Larry Miles.

Their mother then tried to break them up, and when she did, one of the boys stabbed his brother, 16-year-old Larry, in the back.

He was later declared dead at a local hospital.

The younger boy then fled the home but returned later with his grandfather according to ABC 7.

The younger brother is now in police custody.

‘The mother went downstairs to try to break it up. The victim, I guess, engaged the mother into the altercation when his brother then stabbed him,” said South Chicago Heights Police Chief William Joyce.

When paramedics walked in, the boy was getting CPR from his sister.

There were four siblings living in the house, with a younger brother in addition to the boys’ teenage sister.

‘It’s sad. They’re so young. It shouldn’t have happened. It’s the saddest thing you know,’ said neighbor Matt Rogers.

Those who live nearby say the family was new to the neighborhood – and that the police were frequently forced to make visits.

‘I do know there was some domestic problems there in the past. Police have been called maybe four or five times, you know, within the six months they’ve lived there,’ neighbor Abel Tovar told WGN.

Source: The DailyMail

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