15 Garage Sale Tips That Will Make You Money


BY STACY FISHER | the balance everyday

These garage sale tips and tricks will make sure that this garage sale is your best one yet. Follow them and you’ll make more money than you thought possible all why staying cool and collected.

The tips include everything you need to know from preparing for your sale to closing it down. You’ll find out how to set yourself up for success from the beginning by taking the time to clean, organize, and price your items.

During the sale, you’ll find out how to attract a ton of people, make your items more attractive to buyers, and make sure everyone has a great experience. This means you making some money and your customers being happy with their new treasures.

Finally, there are some tips on how to close out your sale successfully, making as much money as you can during those last few hours of your yard sale.

01 – Clean and Organize Everything

It’s a lot easier to throw everything out you want to sell in a messy jumble in your garage or driveway but that doesn’t make for a good experience for your shoppers.

Take the time to clean dirty items simply by wiping items with a wet cloth. This is especially important with kids items because people are looking for items that are clean for their kids. It can also add some extra shine to home decor items and furniture.

Spending some time on organizing is worthwhile too. Kids clothes, household decor, books, and other like items should be kept together. This makes it much easier for customers to find like items they want to buy.

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