19-year-old dead, four others injured after shooting at Georgia pool party

One Georgia teenager was killed and four others were injured after a shooting broke out at a packed pool party on in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Wali Clanton, 19, died after he was struck in the chest. The other four teens, three men and one girl who was hit in the ankle, have been hospitalized and do not have life-threatening injuries, police said.

More than 200 teens were at the Fayetteville house party that had been advertised on social media when the homeowner arrived and tried to shut it down.

As people began to leave the party, a fight broke out after someone accused a guest of putting something in a girl’s drink, a security guard for the event said.

‘The father of the young girl, who was also the DJ, he came and said somebody put something in my daughter’s drink,’ Antonio Gibson  told WSB-TV.

‘I immediately shut the party down. Then around 12:30 I heard 15 gunshots go off.’

One witness who helped give Clanton CPR praised an officer who tried to save the beloved teen.

‘I just want his family to know that this officer went the extra mile to save your son,’ Clinton Nash told WSB-TV. ‘He did everything he could to bring this young man back to life with me.’

Police are still investigating who the shooter could be.

Meanwhile, tributes have poured in for Clanton.

‘I’m in shock and tears, to hear someone that I grew up with is now dead and gone,’ wrote one friend on Claton’s Facebook page. ‘You were a funny and handsome guy I hope you are spreading your charm in the heavens above.’

Another friend told Clanton he wished he could say he would find his killer, but knew the teen’s parents wouldn’t want that.

And, perhaps in the most touching tribute, one friend told Clanton she would now force herself to stay in school so she could get a degree for the both of them.

‘You parents deserve a college diploma not an obituary,’ she wrote. ‘I was thinking this was my last semester in college but I know if you were living not finishing college wasn’t an option for you!’

‘So Imma [sic] do it for you, I’ll give your parents and mine a college diploma.’

Source: The DailyMail

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