26-year-old hotel housekeeper shot dead behind wheel of car in road rage dispute

A manhunt is on the way for a man suspected of shooting a 26-year-old woman dead during a road rage attack in Texas.

Brittany Daniel, from Fort Worth, was driving with a friend on the busy I-30 in Arlington when she became involved in a dispute with another car, police say.

The passenger in the back seat of the other vehicle then opened fire on Miss Daniel and she was struck by a bullet while driving at around 7pm last night.

She was on her way back from working a shift as a housekeeper at a local hotel and was taking some of her colleagues home.

Brittany Daniel was shot and killed while behind the wheel of her car after a passenger in another vehicle opened fire during a road rage dispute in Arlington, Texas

The passenger in the car called 911 and said was bleeding after being shot in what they described as a road range incident.

Emergency services arrived on the scene but Miss Daniel was pronounced dead at the local hospital shortly afterwards.

Arlington Police are now appealing for help from the public to try and find those responsible.

The shooter is described as a light-skinned, black or Hispanic male with dark hair, possibly in his mid-20s.

He was in the rear passenger seat of a small four-door car with tinted windows.

Her father told WFAA8 he had lost his ‘baby girl’. He added she was his only daughter of five children.

She she had the personality to speak up if someone was driving erratically, he told the station, but insisted that nothing justifies killing someone.

Source: The DailyMail

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