3 Teens charged after 6-year-old boy shot dead, caught in gun crossfire

Carter's death sparked protests following a spate of children and young people dying in shootings. Since 2013, at least 67 people aged 18 or under have been shot dead in Miami-Dade County alone

Three Florida teenagers have been charged with shooting a six-year-old boy dead after he got caught up in crossfire while on his way to buy candy.

Leonard Adams, 18, and Irwen Pressley, 17, were charged with second-degree felony murder and attempted murder Wednesday and will be tried as adults, police in Miami said.

Meanwhile accomplice Tamar Teems, 16, was charged with the same offence but as a juvenile. All three boys pleaded not guilty.

First-grader King Carter was killed during a firefight on February 20 at an apartment block in Miami-Dade County after a Facebook row escalated into violence, the Miami Herald reports.

Police say Adams, Pressley and Teems drove to the apartment block in a black Lexus car looking for a rival named only as ‘JuJu’ then opened fire after seeing him in a nearby stairwell.

JuJu returned fire, officers said, nicking Adams in the neck but only causing minor injuries. None of the other shooters were injured.

King Carter, 6Meanwhile Carter, who had been playing outside with friends but went to buy his favorite chewing candy after being given $3 by his father, wandered out of the apartment complex at around 2.40pm and was shot in the chest.

A police officer who was nearby at the time of the shooting performed CPR on the boy and he was airlifted to hospital, but later died from his wounds.

Following the shooting Adams checked into Jackson North Hospital for the gunshot wound, and was traced back to his home by police.

Meanwhile Pressley, who was on supervised release on a burglary charge at the time of the shooting, was traced from a GPS ankle monitor he was wearing during the attack.

The pair were arrested four days after the attack and both admitted to their part in it, officers said. Cops said a 9mm pistol was discovered at Pressley’s home that he admitted using to target JuJu.

Two days later, as Carter was being laid to rest, authorities announced that they had captured Teems. The trio were held without bail.

Police revealed Pressley has an extensive arrest record, dating back to when he was 13, including robbery with a deadly firearm, aggravated assault and armed carjacking.

Two of those cases were dropped because a defendant died and another moved back to Ukraine, but Pressley did eventually enter Boot Camp at Miami-Dade Corrections in 2015 for the deadly firearm charge.

It was there that he was fitted with the GPS ankle bracelet that police say places him at the scene of the crime.

Officers, who say they have seized a number of weapons in evidence, are still not sure who shot Carter or which weapon fired the bullet.

However, Florida law allows all those participating in a felony crime to be charged with murder if someone dies while the crime is being committed.

The death of Carter, who said he wanted to be a police officer when he was older, caused widespread demonstrations in the community amid a string of children and teens being killed.

At least 67 people aged 18 or younger have been fatally shot in Miami-Dade County since 2013, according to a count by local television station WPLG.

In December, a seven-year-old boy was killed inside his home by a stray bullet from a drive-by-shooting, the station reported.

Source: The DailyMail

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