3-year-old boy makes astonishing recovery after shooting self in face


A three-year-old boy who shot himself in the face with a gun he found in his parents’ bedroom has made an astonishing recovery.

Darnal Mundy II can walk and speak again just five months after accidentally blasting a bullet through his skull.

Darnal found the loaded weapon earlier this summer while looking for an iPad before his parents had woken up at their home in Miami, Florida.

With his parents just a few feet away from him, the child discharged the 9mm handgun at point-blank range into the middle of his face.

His parents rushed him to hospital, where doctors said it was a miracle he survived – and warned he may never fully recover.

Dr Sarah Jernigan, a neurosurgeon who operated on Darnal, described his injuries to CNN.

She said: ‘He had a gunshot wound to the center of his head and the bullet had exited in the back left side. His CAT scan showed a large blood clot and swelling in the brain.’

‘When I walked out of surgery and talked to his mom, I was able to tell his mom and dad that he was alive, but I wasn’t sure what kind of recovery he would make.’

Darnal spent the next three weeks in a coma, being fed through a tube.

Doctors had removed a chunk of his skull to ease swelling on his drain during his recovery, and once he woke up Darnal wasn’t able to speak, or even breathe.

But after months of treatment, Darnal recovered the abilities, and now has the strength to take some steps again, although the right side of his body is weaker than before.

Experts have said he is well enough to return home, and he is expected to check out of Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital any day – in time to celebrate his fourth birthday.

Dr Seema Khurana, who has helped Darnal with his recovery, told Fox6.com: He was not able to talk, he was not walking. He wasn’t even able to sit up by himself. He was basically being fed by a tube and he had a (tracheotomy) in place.’

She added that the recovery he has shown may well have proved impossible for an adult.

Dr Rhurana said: ‘It is very unusual, but like we all say, that’s why we love working with little kids, because the amount of recovery that they have – nobody else has that type of recovery.’

In the wake of the shooting, Darnal’s mother, Dorphise Jean, defended herself from accusations that she and the boy’s father were at fault.

Jean, a security guard, said she and her partner keep the guns at home to protect themselves, and thought they were kept too high off the ground for Darnal to find.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Jean told the Miami Herald: ‘Don’t bash us as parents, because we’re good parents. I can’t even talk about it… I’m very emotional right now. I love my son. Please pray for him right now.’

The couple said they will still keep firearms in the house, but will lock them away from now on.

Source: The DailyMail

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