4 Anti-Inflammatory Foods Doctors Swear By To Melt Belly Fat Over 40


Experts recommend swapping the unhealthy foods you’re used to eating with nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory options to help get rid of stubborn belly bulge over 40. That’s because these foods help combat inflammation, eliminating any distress in the cells and making easier for your metabolism to burn calories.

Keep scrolling to find out which anti-inflammatory foods come nutritionist-recommended for weight loss and more:

1. Blueberries

Adding a handful of blueberries to your favorite meals is a great way to boost your metabolism because of their high flavonoid content, which helps prevent weight gain and promote a healthy calorie burning. “If this F word sounds foreign, don’t fret – it simply refers to the bioactive component of fruits and vegetables which have the potential to influence weight,” Rachel Swanson, an RDN at Lifespan Medicine, says.

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