5 Easy Ways To Get An Excellent Credit Score

Zack Friedman, Forbes

Getting an excellent credit score may be easier than you think.

Here are 5 easy ways for you to increase your credit score:

Why Your Credit Score Matters

For better or worse, your credit score is the gateway to an array of financial products such as mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards and private student student loans.

Your credit score also may be used when you apply for insurance, rent an apartment or purchase a cell phone.

FICO credit scores are among the most frequently used credit scores, and range from 350-800 (the higher, the better). A consumer with a credit score of 750 or higher is considered to have excellent credit, while a consumer with a credit score below 600 is considered to have poor credit.

5 Ways To Increase Your Credit Score

1. Double check your credit reports for accuracy

It’s essential that you obtain a copy of your credit reports and check it carefully. Why?

The Federal Trade Commission found that 5% of consumers had one or more errors on their credit report.

There are three major credit bureaus: ExperianEquifax and TransUnion.

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