5 Freezer Hacks that Save Time & Money

Get ahead of back-to-school season with a food storage plan

As much as 30 to 40 percent of all food in North America is wasted, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. That’s about 20 pounds per person every month! In terms of money, that’s an alarming $165 billion in wasted food annually, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

A smarter freezer storage plan, coupled with buying in bulk, saves time, money, decreases waste and makes for a more organized home. You can maximize the value of your freezer and ensure your hard-earned dollars don’t go to waste with these five easy tips to help keep your family and freezer organized for a smarter school year.

    • Make room to save more. Consumers annually save $750 on their food bill when buying in bulk1. A freezer provides additional storage space, giving you the flexibility to store larger quantities of food out of the way while you keep items for immediate use close by. A great option is the Frigidaire freezer, which boasts ample storage capacity, superior organization and peace of mind. Plus, it’s ENERGY STAR qualified and is more than 22 percent energy efficient than standard freezers.
    • Designate a meal prep day. Free up your busy weeknights and save money with a little planning. You can ensure you always have healthy, home-cooked meals on hand by taking a few hours once a week to prep and cook your meals. Meals that you’ll eat early in the week can be kept in the fridge until mealtime. Dishes you plan to eat later in the week can be placed in storage containers and frozen until use. After some practice, you’ll be able to work efficiently and prep meals that work best for your family.

  • Prepare for the unexpected. Let’s face it, things happen: storms roll in and the power goes out. Your freezer can be your biggest ally to combat food and money loss due to unexpected and uncontrollable events. To protect the investment you just made to your family’s meal plan, arm yourself with the new Frigidaire Gallery Freezer, a first-of-its-kind upright with ArcticLock(tm) Technology that offers thicker walls than traditional freezers to keep foods frozen for over two days during a power outage. It’s also garage-ready and built to handle extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Find a bulk buddy. While you may not need a 10-pound bag of cheese, you probably have a friend or neighbor who would split the cost with you. Make it a date; buy in bulk together then split the goods with the proper food storage containers.
  • End Freezer Burn. Reduce excess air in storage bags or containers, which toughens textures and worsens flavors. Note, however, that you’ll need to leave space in containers that hold soup or sauce as liquid expands when frozen and could potentially crack your storage containers.

To find out how you can save more with a secondary freezer, visit www.frigidaire.com.

1 Based on an independent online survey conducted among chest and upright freezer owners who shopped in bulk and/or stocked up on sale items and saved an average of $750 a year compared to freezer cost of $750 or less.


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