5 NFL teams that might not be terrible in 2015

NFL preseason is within sight, and soon fans can begin putting unattainable expectations on their favorite teams. This is the time of year when anything is possible if you fudge enough numbers and revise enough history. But for some teams, there are an abundance of things to look forward to in the 2015 season that didn’t exist in 2014. These are teams to be excited about, and maybe even worth rooting for when your team begins its inevitable implosion.

Here are five worth keeping an eye on …

1. Miami Dolphins

The AFC East is scary. The Dolphins signed the best player in free agency, Ndamukong Suh,rid themselves of Mike Wallace and his contract, and drafted wide receiver DeVante Parker and running back Jay Ajayi to fill huge offensive needs. Miami was perfectly marginal team in 2014 at 8-8. They’ve brought in a franchise-altering player in Suh and drafted responsibly. Now it’s time for the Dolphins to put all of the pieces together and make the jump to playoff contender. Unfortunately for them, they’re in a division that will almost surely have three if not four playoff-caliber teams. Fortunately for us, watching those four teams duke it out will be a lot of fun.

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