5 Tempting Free Agents Los Angeles Lakers Must Avoid in 2018 NBA Free Agency

By Zack Buckley, Bleacher Report

The Los Angeles Lakers enter the 2018 offseason equally loaded with cap space and optimism.

That can be a glory-restoring combination or, if handled incorrectly, a terrible twosome that sets this organization back for years.

They can’t treat their two max-contract slots like money burning in their pockets. It’s one thing to roll out the welcome mat for LeBron James, Paul George or both. It’s quite another to make this “2016: The Sequel” and find this summer’s equivalent of spending $136 million on Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov.

We’ll give the new front office the benefit of the doubt they won’t repeat the sins of their predecessors. But L.A. could foil this opportunity without inking obviously egregious deals.

The following five free agents, for instance, are all talented players. They’re just not the best ways for the Lakers to splurge. Remember, if L.A. doesn’t strike gold this summer, it can always retain its wiggle room for another big swing at the 2019 class.

That might not sound too appealing now, but it’s a smarter bet than spending big on these five.

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  1. Renee says:

    Demarcus cousins and Isaiah Thomas

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