500lb gangster nicknamed “Wobbles” faces prison for high-volume gun trafficking ring

A 550-pound gangster nicknamed ‘Wobbles’ is facing 25 years in prison after allegedly plotting to murder rival gang members and smuggling dozens of guns into New York City on Metro-North trains.

William Soler, also dubbed ‘Redrum’ (murder backward), and his ring of nine gun runners reportedly bought 93 firearms on the streets of Westchester in New York state, Maine and Connecticut last year.

They then hid the weapons – including .22 caliber guns and semiautomatic rifles – in suitcases and boarded Metro-North trains to the Big Apple, according to a felony indictment filed on Wednesday.

But they were caught after they sold the guns to undercover NYPD detectives in the city for ‘several times’ their original cost, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told the New York Post.

Soler, 33, a ringleader in the Bloods gang in the Bronx, is also suspected of plotting to kill rival gang members, according to the 367-count indictment, which was filed in Bronx Supreme Court.

He is now facing a quarter of a century in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and large-scale gun running – nearly a year after an undercover investigation into his alleged crimes was launched.

Soler failed to show up to his arraignment on Wednesday due to health issues, his defense attorney, Brian Sullivan, told the Post. The suspect remains under police guard at Rikers Island heath center.

Sullivan admitted the charges his client was facing were ‘pretty-large scale’, adding that prison beds and clothes ‘are not made for somebody that large’, so he could find it especially difficult if jailed.

In shocking personal photos, released by Schneiderman’s office, the bearded ringleader is pictured posing with several different guns in his home, while donning tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts.

In one, he is seen showing off his numerous tattoos while another gang member poses behind him.

The nine other members of the ‘high-volume gun trafficking ring’ allegedly run by Soler have been arrested on charges including felony conspiracy, criminal possession and criminal sale of firearms.

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