6 Foods that turn into belly fat

By Dana Leigh Smith

Happy Spring! You know what that means: There’s 89 days until summer. That means 89 days to get those abs back.

For the most dramatic results, in the least amount of time, Eat This, Not That! researchers dug into the science to find the specific foods keeping your stomach from being toned and trim. Below we reveal what they are and provide delicious alternatives for each so you don’t feel deprived—and dial up the effects by peeling away the pounds with these .

Read on to lose weight rapidly and get your summer body back—stat!

1. Potato Chips

What’s surprising about potato chips isn’t that they’re fattening—you already know that—but that, out of all the foods that can cause weight gain and stomach flab (soda, junk food, ice cream), potato chips are the worst offender, according to Harvard researchers. (They speculate this is because they are high in calories and fat, but aren’t particularly satiating.) In fact, daily chip consumption alone was responsible for adding nearly two pounds of flab to study participants’ frame every four years. That means if you cut out chips, you could easily lose a half-pound of flab this year even if you change nothing else about your diet. Every bit counts when you’re trying to lean out.

Eat This Instead: Nip your salty cravings in the bud with Beanitos, a “chip” made from navy beans, brown rice, oils and spices. This snacktime favorite has a texture and flavor reminiscent of traditional crisps, but far less saturated fat.

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