6 Hacks For Weaning Yourself Off All Processed Sugar

By Jenn Edden | MBG Movement

My initial thought of taking all processed sugar out of my diet made me want to run and hide. I had been dealing with achy joints for years, and so I decided to experiment with two weeks without processed sugar. How hard could it be?

After two weeks when my joints no longer ached, I decided to stay off all processed sugar indefinitely but realized if I was going to keep this up long term I needed to adopt some new habits. Here are the six tips I use consistently to keep me off processed sugar with zero rebounding and without feeling deprived:

1. Find alternatives.

It’s not easy to cut out sugar (especially at first), so when the cravings do come, as they always do, I make a fruit salad or sweet potato fries drizzled with coconut oil and seasoned with a little salt. While not everyone will choose to eat fruit after starting a no-sugar diet, I allow organic fruit because of its nutritional value and because of its high fiber content it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels the way processed sugar does. When I’m really busy and would typically turn to sugar to keep me going, I’ll make a cup of peppermint tea instead, which helps center me and provide more clarity on what my body needs.

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