6 Wealth Building Alternatives Without Buying Stocks

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By Jeff Rose | Forbes

If you’re taking the time to read this blog post, it’s probably safe to say you’re interested in building wealth. And, why wouldn’t you be? Earning money won’t solve every problem in your life, but having a certain level of wealth does make it easier to take care of your family, breath easier, and be generous with causes you care about.

While there are many ways to build wealth, one of the most common wealth-building platforms you hear about is the stock market. But, considering we are at near-record highs, investing in the stock market may feel risky. A lot of experts are predicting another major correction in the near future, which could mean that now is the worst time possible to invest in stocks.

How to Build Wealth Without the Stock Market

But the news gets worse. It’s been reported that half of stocks that hit the market have only a seven-year lifespan — as in, 50% of new stocks created today won’t be around in seven years.

Also note that only the top 4% of companies — which works out to around 1,000 stocks per year — account for almost all the wealth creation in the market. So, if you opt to pick stocks individually, you have a 4 in 100 shot in making the right choice each time.

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