7 Parenting Lessons We Can All Learn From Barack Obama

I’m terrified of my kid’s teen years. Seriously. The thought of my cheery 4-year-old girl and my enthusiastic 8-year-old boy turning into sullen teen zombies who only speak in eye rolls and one-word sentences has me worried. It doesn’t help that everyone I know who actually has teenagers says the same thing: Brace yourself.

But as I was reading Bill Simmons’ Q&A cover story for GQ Magazine on President Barack Obama, one thing was very clear to me: President Obama and his wife Michelle are doing a fabulous job raising their teen daughters Malia (17) and Sasha (14).

See, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my eight years as a parent, it’s that you can only control how you raise our kids. You can’t control how they turn out. But in my experience the more kind and respectful you are of your kids, the better they turn out. And let’s face it, when was the last time you read a news story about Malia or Sasha getting in to major trouble or embarrassing their Mom and Dad? Never.

Sure the Obama girls have the benefit of living in an insular environment with Secret Service agents following their every move, but that still doesn’t mean a teen couldn’t find a way to stir the pot. Seems to me like the President and his wife are raising two great kids. After reading the GQ article, I realized that it’s not random that Obama’s got two nice kids.

In fact, I finished the article having learned a thing or two about raising children. Whether you like President Barack Obama’s politics or not, think he has been a good president or not, there’s one thing you can’t deny: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have a few parenting lessons we can all learn from.

Source: MSN Lifestyle

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