7 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Are Not African American

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After publishing my post 7 Reasons You Should Be Happy You Are Not An American Muslim, a Jewish friend on social media wrote a similar version for Jews, titled Anti-Semitism: 7 Reasons You Should Be Happy Not To Be a Jew, and now an African American minister friend in my community writes about the the prejudice and racism African Americans face.  Like I stated on my original piece,  this is not meant to be an anti-white rant and is meant to raise awareness to provide a glimpse of  what so many African Americans have to go through on a daily basis. In fact, the article was authored on the urging of a mutual white Christian minister in our interfaith council. Raising awareness to social (in) justice is the calling of our respective faiths. Black Lives matter. Here is his article in full. 

  1. You will not have to pray for your family members to return home safely when they leave for the day– Anti-Blackness can turn lethal without rhyme, reason, or warning. Being harmless or innocent are flimsy protections when confronted with white supremacy and institutional racism. Many of us resort to daily prayers so that our children, partners, family members, and friends return home safely after another day of navigating this hostile environment. Sadly, there are too many times when those prayers are not answered.

  1. White women will not call the police when they happen to see you in public spaces – Barbecuing in a park, sleeping in a university common room, sitting in a Starbucks, and showing a house that you are trying to sell are just some of the reasons that have frightened, resulting in calls to the police on Black people. It seems that these women feel so threatened by the presence of Black bodies that they desperately need the police to remove them just so their peace of mind can be restored.

  1. You do not have to feel conflicted about Cosby and OJ – “He was set up!” is an almost irresistible rallying cry that can cause many of us to close ranks around people who do not deserve it. This always tugs at our heartstrings because we know of too many people who have been unjustly destroyed by the forces of white supremacy. Unscrupulous Black men like Clarence Thomas, Cosby, and OJ have tried to use this to their own advantage after they have gotten in trouble. Then a furious debate ensues between those Blacks who are driven by racial solidarity to defend the Black men at all costs and those accused of treason who do not.

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2 Replies to “7 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Are Not African American”

  1. Heidi says:

    I don’t think Bill Cosby raped those women,it was all about he almighty $$.
    They had already had in mind that they were going to get a male celebrity and it turned out to be Bill Cosby.And now days well since forever the system believes lies and nasty white women over a black man.IT IS NOT RIGHT,IT IS WRONG.IF A WHITE MAN HAD RAPED BLACK WOMEN HE WOULD HAVE GOT OFF SCOTT FREE!! This country is full of racist and the President isn’t helping,why can’t everyone be like Puerto Rico,they meet no strangers they treat everyone equal, everyone is loving they come in contact with,there is no dividing amongst anyone in Puerto Rico!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve never been to Puerto Rico but Puerto Rican acquaintances tell a different story, Heidi. There is racism and colorism in Puerto Rico.

    Only God knows if Bill Cosby raped any of those women and how many. He has admitted to giving women drugs. I personally believed he did rape some of them and others are just trying to get paid. A lot of accused Hollywood abusers are being brought down. So far we have Cosby, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Morgan Freeman, Louis C.K. and I’m sure I’m missing some. Cosby is the first criminally found guilty. Let’s see if Weinstein is found guilty.

    I don’t feel conflicted about Cosby or O.J. and personally don’t know any other black people who do.

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