8 Gross Things Your Body Does Throughout Your Sleep Cycle

By Eva Taylor Grant | Bustle

Sleep is a bit of a mysterious thing. And although you may notice your body has done some bizarre things by the time you wake up, it can be hard to understand exactly what happens to your body when you sleep. Luckily, doctors understand these processes so you can understand your body better.

The sleep cycles are different stages your body goes through when you sleep. “Sleep architecture revolves around us going through 90 to 120 minutes cycles of stage one, then stage two, then stage three, then stage four, then REM sleep,” Dr. Richard Honaker, chief medical officer at YourDoctors.Online, tells Bustle. “Some stages are dream time, some are memory consolidation time, some are conflict resolution time.” All throughout, your body is going through all sorts of processes that it doesn’t go through during the day.

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