8 vitamins and foods that boost hair growth


Vasudha Rai  | Vogue

Long hair is a commitment. Once you have length, everything will take longer, be it a shampoo, colour touch-ups or blow-drys. Time will need to be set aside for conditioning treatments, and of course you’ll need regular trims to keep it looking fresh. But that said, nothing feels better than a long, luxurious mane. It’s the ultimate symbol of good health, and when it’s thick and shiny, it’s the only accessory you’ll really need. However, there are no short cuts to length. Neither is there a single magic bullet that will make your strands shoot out at breakneck speed. Loveneet Batra, nutritionist and founder Arbhavya, Delhi says that in 90 per cent of her cases, the right nutrition helped promote growth. She talks us through what the foods and vitamins that boost hair growth.

Vitamin C

“This vitamin helps improve hair strength because it’s a potent antioxidant and helps in the production of collagen.” High collagen means healthier, more elastic roots. “Also, anything high in antioxidants will reduce damage and boost oxygen supply to the roots.” Vitamin C is water-soluble so toxicity through supplements is very rare. “But people tend to overdo supplements so it’s essential to take them under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist.”

Foods rich in vitamin C:Guava, amla, lemon, potato

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