A ‘Double Standard’: Black Parkland, Fla., Students Speak Out on Black Lives Matter Message Being Shut Down by School Days Before Shooting

Anne Branigin | The Root

Just one week before a mass shooting would launch their school into the national spotlight, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School put on a Black History Month show at the Parkland, Fla., school. In a last-minute, unrehearsed addition, black student organizers wanted to address a letter that had appeared in the school’s newspaper.

Titled “All Lives Matter,” the student-penned letter had harsh words for the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it “ridiculous” and “good for nothing but creating mistrust between civilians and police.”

As WLRN-TV reports, black students at the school had planned on rebutting the letter in the school paper but saw the show, held on Feb. 9, as another, timely opportunity to speak to the importance and legitimacy of the BLM movement.

But their message was shut down.

Full article at The Root

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