African-Americans Always Fare Worse In Labor Market, Even When It is Good

Christian Weller, Forbes

Jobs have grown for the longest sustained period on record, lasting 106 months. Yet even in this market, African-Americans fare much worse than whites. They could also feel the brunt of already modest job growth slowing further, as is happening now, and experience even greater and more widespread economic insecurity as a result than whites.

African-Americans typically have fewer employment opportunities than whites. For the population overall, 59.0% of African-Americans had a job, compared to 60.8% of whites in July 2019. This gap is generally even larger among those in the middle of their careers, aged 25 to 54 years (see Figure below). In July 2019, the employed share of African-Americans in this age group was 75.2% in July 2019, compared to 80.0% for whites.

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