Afro-Native Americans Now Have A Digital Space Made Specifically For Them, By Them

Photo: Native Max Magazine

By Redgirlontherise | Source: Blavity

We live in a time where there are multimedia companies and publishing platforms dedicated to people of color span across all corners of the internet. They continue to expand their global reach and influence by broadcasting content via web, video, social, live events and more.

However, there’s one group of beautiful people who don’t feel well-represented or receive enough coverage of their heritage, successes and struggles.

Afro-Native American is a group that many have yet to fully understand. Thousands of people in the United States identify as Afro-Native American or Black-Native American, having both indigenous and African American lineages. Many are able to recognize (even enroll with) their tribe, and others are not able to.

According to The Grio, while most African-Americans would likely say they have Indian blood flowing in their veins, DNA testing suggests that fewer than 10 percent of black people are of Native American ancestry. To be exact, five percent of black Americans have at least 12.5 percent Native American ancestry (meaning, at least one great-grandparent). In contrast, 58 percent of black Americans have at least 12.5 percent white ancestry.

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