‘Allowed to drive away’ – White motorist armed with gun moves slowly through Charlotte protestors


A white man brandishing a gun was filmed driving slowly through a crowd of demonstrators as violence erupted in Charlotte on Wednesday night.

A video of the alarming moment was posted on social media by writer Heather Head in the midst of the chaos.

‘White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive. With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest,’ she wrote alongside the shocking clip.

The man was surrounded by protesters who were marching against the deadly shooting of black man Keith Lamont Scott by a cop on Tuesday afternoon.

A video surfaced on social media that purportedly showed a white man drive into the crowd of demonstrators and brandish a gun (circled) before he was allowed to drive away

‘No justice, no peace,’ the group are heard chanting before they spot the man’s weapon.

People begin swearing and shouting ‘he’s got a gun’ as the car sounds its horn.

The man was reportedly allowed to drive away from the scene.

There is nothing to suggest the driver was involved in the shooting that left one of the protesters on life support.

The video was widely shared online before it was removed from Ms Head’s Twitter page.

‘I’m hearing that the video is inaccessible. I don’t know why. Honestly… I rarely use Twitter so I’m a little confused right now anyway,’ she said.

The man drove slowly through the crowds on Wednesday night in Charlotte before revealing he was armed with a weapon 

Writer Heather Head, who saw the incident, said it was unlawful to arrive at a peaceful protest with a gun 

‘I’m so confused by the people saying he wasn’t [white]. I mean, I didn’t take a DNA sample or anything but I saw a lot more of him than a close-up of his arm, and he looked pretty white bread to me. His pals in the car too,’ Ms Head added when people questioned the man’s race.

‘I wish no ill on anyone. I just want the truth out. I want people to recognize that racism exists, it’s real, and it has real consequences,’ she said.

Although open carry is legal in North Carolina, it is illegal to openly carry a gun at a protest.

The law states:  ‘You may not carry a weapon at a parade, funeral procession, picket line, or other demonstration, except for guns carried on a rack in a pickup truck.

‘You may not carry a weapon during civil disorder, riot, or other disturbance involving three or more people.’

People struggle amongst tear gas in uptown Charlotte during a protest of the police shooting of Keith Scott

A protester walks in front of CMPD officers in riot gear with a sign reading "All Lives Matter We Are 1"

Source: The DailyMail

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