American toddler held in Sudan as mother awaits death sentence

These are the first pictures of the emotional reunion of an American father and his toddler son who is being held in a brutal Sudanese jail alongside his heavily pregnant mother – who awaits her death sentence for marrying a Christian.

Martin is held by his wheelchair-bound father Daniel Wani under the close watch of guards with rifles slung over their shoulders after he flew from Manchester, New Hampshire in a desperate bid to free his 20-months-old son and wife, Meriam Ibrahim from a terrible fate in Sudan.

Meriam – who is eight-months pregnant – was thrown in jail in September and earlier this month was sentenced to death for adultery for marrying Daniel, a Christian Sudanese man with US citizenship.

The heartbreaking visit to the Khartoum prison was was the first time that Daniel was able to see his wife since she was imprisoned.

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