An American Community of Color: Beaver Brook, Massachusetts 1897-1917

1900 Portrait of James J. and Jennie Bradley Johnson Family. James J. Johnson, of Nipmuc, Narragansett, and African American descent, and Jennie Bradley Johnson, a migrant from Charleston, South Carolina, pose with their daughters Jennie and May. James worked as a coachman and belonged to the King David Masonic Lodge. He died soon after this portrait was taken. Jennie later worked as a laundress.

By Karen Strike | Flashbak

William Bullard toured his native Worcester, Massachusetts, by bicycle as a professional photographer. From 1897 to 1917, Bullard, who was white, took portraits of his predominantly black and Native American neighbors in Beaver Brook. He kept notes on his sitters, and thanks to the work of students at Clark University, we can link names to the subjects.

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