An American missionary’s racist rant in Uganda shows the disturbing reality of White Savior complex

Fans painted in the colours of Uganda's national flag cheer before the start of the African Nations Cup Group Three qualifier soccer match between Uganda and Nigeria in Kampala June 2, 2007.

By Rosebell Kagumire | Source:

Last week, Ugandan police were called to a hotel in the center of the capital Kampala where an American citizen had assaulted and racially abused hotel employees.

Jimmy Taylor, 69, a self-proclaimed missionary, uttered a barrage of insults at Ugandans working at one of the oldest hotels in the city, the Grand Imperial Hotel. The whole spectacle was captured on video and, thanks to social media, the footage went viral and became a point of debate and conversation beyond Uganda.


In the video, Taylor can be seen punching and slapping the workers calling them “niggers,” saying “I’ve come to love Uganda, I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-bitch.” The hotel workers showed fortitude in the face of this abuse—a point that raised much commendation and criticism on social media.

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