Angry protests erupt in Charlotte as black officer who shot Keith Scott cleared


Protests erupted in the streets of Charlotte on Wednesday night as it was announced the black police officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott would not face charges for his murder.

Brentley Vinson was cleared of wrongdoing earlier in the day as prosecutors revealed footage which they said showed Scott was armed when he was killed on September 20.

Although the 43-year-old’s death was ruled a homicide, Charlotte’s District Attorney said there was not enough evidence to charge Vinson with murder.

He revealed CCTV footage of Scott on the day of his death which he said proved he had a gun holstered to his ankle.

Protests erupted on the streets of Charlotte on Wednesday night after the police officer involved in Keith Lamont Scott's killing was cleared of murder

Angry residents chanted with megaphones and marched with banners through the city's streets in response to the news

The news reignited the anger of protesters who took to the streets after Scott’s death two months ago.

Around 100 marched on Wednesday night through the town’s streets with banners reading: ‘How to get away with murder: become a cop.’

Others protested outside the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, chanting in the face of officers.

‘Dirty racist a** cops we don’t need ’em, need ’em. Back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom,’ they sang in anger.

One protester reportedly tried to remove the station’s flag but was stopped. Four people were arrested; three for obstructing traffic and one for disorderly conduct.

The police department shared photographs of officers at the scene smiling and answering complaints.

‘We support right to lawful protest; we ask those involved to simply obey the laws,’ the department said in a tweet. Later, they said the event had been ‘mostly peaceful’.

Other photographs painted a different scenario. In those shared by protesters and local photographers, crowds screamed in officers’ faces.

Scott, 43, was killed in the parking lot of an apartment complex on September 20.

Tensions flared outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department where officers tried to keep crowds under control. Their every move was filmed by a swam of iPhones 

The protesters were acting in response to the District Attorney's decision not to prosecute the officer who shot dead Keith Lamont Scott in September 

A female protester chants down a megaphone as others hold up signs behind her at the protest outside the police department

Around 100 people took to the streets of Charlotte on Wednesday after the decision despite Scott's family's plea for peace

Protesters are put in handcuffs in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Wednesday at the start of the protests 

Scott's widow Rakeyia responds to the news on Wednesday

Police later said they were in the area searching for someone else on a warrant when he exited his car, armed with a weapon.

They claim they demanded he drop it at least 10 times before officer Vinson fired his own gun.

Scott was shot in the abdomen and back, an autopsy revealed.

The killing sparked widespread protests in Charlotte as Scott’s family pleaded for justice. They said he was not armed and had been killed unlawfully.

After widespread pressure, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer released dash-cam footage of the shooting.

It failed to show the exact moment he was shot or how many times but did reveal how officers tried to save the man’s life after inflicting the fatal wounds.

Members of Charlotte Uprising, a local activists group, speak at a press conference before the protest on Wednesday 

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