Anti-Trump protests turn violent: Cops clash with crowds of 6,000 in Oakland, 7,000 in NYC

By James Wilkinson For and Stephanie Linning and Martin Robinson, Uk Chief Reporter For Mailonline

Violence has broken out at anti-Trump rallies across America overnight as tens of thousands marched against the President-elect before angry mobs attacked police, started fires and shut down highways.

The streets of downtown Oakland in California were choked with smoke Thursday as police launched tear gas and protesters lit fires, in what became by some distance the most violent of the many protests against the election of Donald Trump.

More than 6,000 protesters were seen on the streets of Oakland with an initially peaceful march down a cop-lined street turning nasty after some protesters threw bottles at officers and torched a police car. An office block was also attacked, daubed with ‘f*** Trump’ and ‘kill Trump’ graffiti and then set alight.

And thousands more filled streets in Los Angeles before taking over the 110 Freeway while other protesters gathered outside City Hall, lighting fires and waving Trump heads on sticks. There were 14 arrests.

In New York, home of the President-elect, at least 30 people were arrested when cops cracked down on twin demonstrations in Columbus Circle and at Trump Tower.

As many as 7,500 demonstrators were believed to have been split between the two locations, chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Donald Trump, go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay.’

Cher and Madonna were among the NYC protesters, with Cher telling one supporter they needed to ‘fight.’

Trump’s poll-defying win has sparked a wave of similar rallies across the country. Protests stopped traffic in Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; and San Francisco, California, among many others.

Outside the White House, a candlelit vigil was being held in protest against Mr Trump’s inflammatory and divisive brand of politics. But even peaceful protests in that city went awry, with at least one protester being bundled into the back of a van by the Secret Service.

Oakland, CA

Oakland: A member of the public tries toscrub away 'Kill Trump' graffiti as demonstrators riot in California

Oakland: Demonstrators run on Telegraph Avenue after police deployed teargas during a demonstration in the city

Oakland: Half a dozen police officers pin down a protester amid arrests across America overnight

Oakland: Police try to control chaos at an office building that was attacked, graffitied and then set alight

Oakland: A peaceful protest turned violent Thursday, resulting in rioters setting fires police firing tear gas

Oakland: Planks of wood, cones and other detritus is set alight in the city, close to San Francisco 

Oakland: A protester throws a bottle at police officers  as violence boiled over after a tumultuous 24 hours

Oakland: The protest had begun peacefully, but descended into violence after protesters threw glass bottles at a police wall

Oakland: As property damage spread, this car found itself engulfed in flames

Oakland: Protesters also smashed up this police cruiser

Held: Police in riot helmets and armed with batons arrested this suspect amid violence in the city

Masses of protesters – more than 6,000, according to the East Bay Times marched down a cop-lined Broadway, protesting the election of Donald Trump.

The group had convened in Frank Ogawa Plaza for a peaceful but passionate protest – that plan, however, went to pieces after 8pm after the crowd threw glass bottles at the police line.

The cops responded in kind, firing incendiary devices into the crowd as unlawful assembly orders were read out.

Two groups were still contained by police in the area, feeding fires and being blocked from entering the I-90.

It’s not yet clear how many – if any – were arrested in that incident, but one person was taken in after shining a laser at a police helicopter – something that cops say is a federal offense.

Twitter videos showed many fires burning in downtown streets, and cops marching in formation on protesters.

New York City, NY

New York City: Thousands - including Cher (circled) packed the streets of New York as they marched more than 40 blocks from Union Square to Trump Tower

New York City: Thousands – including Cher (circled) packed the streets of New York as they marched more than 40 blocks from Union Square to Trump Tower

New York City: Angry demonstrators hung effigies of Donald Trump as they descended on Columbus Circle, Manhattan, Wednesday night

New York City: Thousands packed into Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan as Anti-Trump rallies sprung up across the country

New York City: People take part in a protest against President-elect Donald Trump outside Trump Towers

New York City: The massive protest in Trump's own city eventually carried the crowd to the doors of Trump Tower

New York City: Demonstrators began burning American Flags after the procession moved from Columbus Circle to the steps of Trump Tower

New York City: A close up of a US flag torched by protesters in an act that will upset many Americans

New York City: 'Love Trumps Hate' and 'Love = Resistance' were among the placards on show at Columbus Circle Wednesday

New York City: At a rally at Columbus Circle, protesters held signs reading 'Black Lives Matter' and 'United To Stop Hate'

New York City: A ring of steel is formed by police to stop the billionaire's building targeted by the thousands who gathered there

Crowds of disgruntled voters packed into the northern plaza of Union Square, in Downtown Manhattan tonight – among them pop star Cher. One protester announced on Facebook: ‘Cher just told me we have to fight. I trust in Cher.’

Madonna posted footage of crowds chanting ‘Not my President!’ on her Instagram feed.

The rally, organised by a group called Socialist Alternative, called on people to ‘build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia’

Among the crowd was teacher Julia Dunn, who told NBC 4 New York: ‘There’s a man who’s the human embodiment of hate who’s going to become our next president, so the best thing we can do is try to connect with people who are representing love and connection.’

‘Fight white power’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate’ were printed across dozens of placards as people voiced their anger over the election result.

There were reports of ‘multiple arrests’ as the crowd started their march 40 blocks uptown towards Trump Towers. Father Craig Wolf was reportedly detained as he marched with his 15-year-old daughter and her friends, and NBC later reported at least 30 arrests.

One woman taking part in the event was Julie Rossman, 30, who told DNA Info: ‘He is a misogynist, he’s a racist, and he ran a campaign on hate and lies.’

In Columbus Circle demonstrators hung a plastic effigy of Donald Trump as cries of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rang out across the crowd.

At around 8pm, NYPD officers outside Trump Hotel & Tower attempted to break up the crowds and move them onto the sidewalk.

Video on Twitter shows rows of police standing in the road as a robotic voice warned that anyone refusing to leave the road would be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Thousands packed into Columbus Circle, Manhattan, on Wednesday night as news of Trump's shock victory took hold

New York City: Hundreds gathered at an anti-Trump rally at Columbus Circle, Manhattan as the nation reacted to his victory

New York City: Thousands signed up to join the rallies in New York City on Wednesday night. Pictured, Columbus Circle

New York City: This young woman sobs as she is hugged in Manhattan amid unrest after Trump's election

Los Angeles, CA

Countless thousands of protesters were seen across LA’s streets, swarming in what was described by CBS as an apparently disorganized protest, with no particular start or end point.

As time wore on, the crowd looked increasingly out of control, it said.

Many of the protesters took over the 110 Freeway, stopping traffic completely.

Others headed to City Hall, where they lit fires on the steps and waved around placard and signs – as well as a papier mache Donald Trump head on a stick. Police eventually dispersed the crowd around the fires and put them out.

Los Angeles: Protesters lit fires on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles in the middle of an apparently disorganized protest

Los Angeles: The busy Hollywood 101 Freeway was completely shut down amid the unrest, with drivers out of their cars

Los Angeles: Demonstrators take over the Hollywood 101 Freeway in protest against the election

Los Angeles: For several hours there has been a stand-off with police who lined up in riot gear 

Los Angeles: California Highway Patrol deputies are deployed as demonstrators take over the Hollywood 101 Freeway just north of Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles: Some of the signs were more direct than others. Elsewhere, a large group of protesters took over 110 Freeway

Los Angeles: Police eventually put out the City Hall fires after moving crowds away

Los Angeles: People march as they protest the election of Republican Donald Trump as the president of the United States in downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Protester waves a Mexican flag outside City Hall in the Californian city 

Seattle, WA

A socialist councilwoman’s call for a protest was met in mass in Seattle, KIRO 7 reported.

Kshama Sawant called for a massive protest on Wednesday night and a nationwide shutdown on Inauguration Day. ‘I appeal to you, [Wednesday] at 4 o’clock, at Westlake [Park], let’s have a massive protest, and tell America we do not accept a racist agenda,’ she said.

And so at 4pm hundreds began to amass in the park, objecting through bullhorns to being ruled by billionaires. Their numbers swelled until thousands were amassing downtown.

They then traveled to Capitol Hill, and on into the University District.

In a separate incident, five people were shot dead at around 7am, while the protest was ongoing. Police have said there was no link between the two events.

Seattle: A woman yells in a protest against Donald Trump in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Five people were shot in downtown Seattle at the same time as the protest, but police said it was not connected

Seattle: Smoke from a fire-extinguisher blankets a crowd on the Seattle protest march

Seattle: Thousands of people march through Seattle against Donald Trump

Seattle: This protest was suggested by local councilwoman Kshama Sawant who advised people to 'tell America we do not accept a racist agenda'

Seattle, Washington: A protester holds a sign that reads 'Love Trumps Hate' during a protest in the city


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