Aspiring songstress ran brothel out of her home

A one-time aspiring singer from Missouri has been accused of running a brothel and strip club out of her suburban home – with her own teenage son acting as a bartender.

Carmen Fluker, 42, was arrested last month after a raid on her Ferguson bungalow where police say they discovered a stripper poll, a fully stocked bar and a VIP room.

Officers who descended on Fluker’s humble brick house in the 400 block of Warfield Avenue seized alcohol, condoms and cash.

Police say they also found a teenage girl working as a dancer.

The operation resulted in Fluker being indicted last week on a single felony count of promoting prostitution between May 2011 and April 2014.

The 42-year-old woman, who also goes by the monickers Carmen Lacy, Carmen Simmons, Luscious and her former stage name, Araye, told St. Louis Post-Dispatch Tuesday that she had been ‘set up.’

According to a search warrant, police got a tip in March saying that Mrs. Fluker was hosting alcohol- and drug-fueled parties with strippers every night at her home where her son’s room was allegedly being used for lap dances and sex.

The informant told police that whenever Fluker was planning an event, she would send messages inviting prospective customers.

The unnamed tipster paid two visits to Flukers’ alleged sex den and recorder the goings on inside on a hidden video camera.

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