Baby Achilles found safe in Mexico, father accused of brutally killing mother

The 11-month-old boy whose mother was found dead in the refrigerator of her Houston apartment has been found safe in Mexico with his father, who has been taken into custody as a suspect in the killing.

Houston PD cops say that Patrick Lambert, 38, and his son Achilles are awaiting return to the United States. Lambert has not been charged in his wife Anastacia Lambert’s death. Tiny Achilles was found in Queretaro, in central Mexico, where his father abandoned him. He was in ‘good condition,’ Mexican authorities said.

Patrick was found in a separate location and taken into custody.

Anastacia’s body was found Monday after a foul odor led a maintenance worker to a second-floor unit at the Brawswood Oaks apartment complex in Houston.

The 27-year-old mother was stabbed to death and her body stuffed in a refrigerator.

It is unclear how long she had been dead, but detectives said it could have been as long as three weeks. The stench was noticeable because the apartment’s power was turned off on Nov. 20 after the utility bills weren’t paid. Anastacia had not been seen in a week.

Nobody realized she was missing because she didn’t have family in the area and was currently unemployed, reported.

The hunt for Patrick had been slowed down because police didn’t know what kind of vehicle he was driving and had no license plates, according to the website.

The couple had lived in several places, including Florida, New York and Hawaii. They moved to the apartment in Houston in June. Police said Anastacia called 911 three months ago and said her husband was threatening her with a knife, reported.

Officers responded to the call but no charges were filed.

Source: The DailyMail

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